Vector in Rust

Vector: stores value of same type stores values next to each other in heap can store values dynamically creating a Vector when using associate …

2 Mins #vector #collection 12 Aug, 2020

Make and Makefile

make is a tool responsible for generating binary and other non-source files of a program from the program’s source. make can be used to compile …

3 Mins #build-tools #devtools 10 Aug, 2020

Analysis of Algorithms

why performance analysis? because it is important for a software to scale Asymptotic Analysis Geeks For Geeks

1 Mins #competitive programming #ds & algo #algorithms 31 Jul, 2020

Registers in Vim

Registers in Vim are simply different locations where Vim could store texts. a register can be accessed by using " as prefix. For example: key …

3 Mins #vim #neovim #editor 26 Jul, 2020

Package Management

Package management comes into play when a project gets bigger and bigger. Dividing codes into multiple files and grouping them make a project more …

4 Mins #package 9 Jun, 2020

Concise Control Flow with if-let

if let syntax allows to write if and let togather in a less verbose way to handle values that match one pattern while ignoring the rest. Example: …

1 Mins #control-flow #match 3 Jun, 2020

Match Control flow

match is a control flow operator. It works similar to a coin sorting machine, i.e. it would start matching patterns(a.k.a arms) from top to bottom …

1 Mins #control-flow #match 3 Jun, 2020


enum is a type that can be any one of several variants. Enum Example enum IPAddrKind{V4,V6,}Enum Values Enum values can be accessed using :: which is …

2 Mins #enum 2 Jun, 2020