Variables and Mutablity

In Rust, Variables are Immutable by default. Demo Program Immutable // This program won't compile because // the value of `x` has been changed …

3 Mins 20 Apr, 2020

Guessing Game

userand::Rng;usestd::cmp::Ordering;usestd::io;fn main(){println!("Guess the Number!!");loop{println!("Please input your …

3 Mins #game 20 Apr, 2020


Cargo is the Rust package manager and build tool. It’s used to initialize, build and manage dependencies of a project. 1. cargo new PROJECT_NAME …

2 Mins 19 Apr, 2020

Intro to Rust

Rust is a statically typed language backed by Mozilla. Rust have no built-in garbage-collection mechanism, yet it gives the maximum possible security …

1 Mins 19 Apr, 2020

Today I Learned (General)

16 June, 2020 Seppuku A Japanese ritual performed by high command when they loose a battle where there were most likely to win. The person who is …

1 Mins

Today I Learned (Tech)

17 June, 2020 ES6: Private method using Symbol() Symbol in JavaScript(ES6) is a data type. The speciality about Symbols are that the value is unique. …

1 Mins