React Native Notes

React Native Notes

10 February, 2021

Why web-view is bad?

Why React Native

React Native can’t beat Native App’s performence

To understand this, we first gotta understand how React Native works internally. When we ship an app, it gets shipped with three things:

React Native must ship a JavaScript engine in order to run JavaScript bundles. This VM works as a Message Broker. When an event happens in View, OS will communicate with JavaScript engine to understand how to handle the event.

We have two things to take into consideration. First, the boot-up time of that JavaScript engine. Second, time require to communicate through the Message Broker and execute code from JavaScript bundle containing business logic.

An app built with purely native technologies(like Java, Kotlin, Swift or Objective-C) whon’t have to undergo these tasks(communicating and VM boot-up). Hence, the performence gain.

Note that, a React Native app running in iOS will be a bit faster than its Android counterpart. JavaScriptCore is already available in iOS.

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