Recording Shell Output the Right Way

TL,DR; go and install asciinema from and start recording your terminal sessions. We, the terminal geeks often need to record our shell …

2 Mins #tools #shell-recording #asciinema 10 Jul, 2020

Slice Type in Rust

slice is a data-type in Rust. Slice references a contiguous sequence from a given collection. one cool thing about slice is, it can accept both String …

2 Mins 30 Jun, 2020

Get Your Own Heroku - a Guide on How to Run a Custom 'PaaS' for deploying Apps

Heroku is a fantastic platform for Node.js developers. It made deployment of Node.js apps super easier. But obviously. it have so many limitations on …

5 Mins #paas #heroku #node.js #vps #custom platform 26 Apr, 2020

Fixing PIP Issue in Arch Linux

Recently, I was upgrading Arch Linux on my laptop. And I encountered something unusual with pip and its libraries. Everything related to pip(and pip …

2 Mins #pip #arch-linux #pacman #python 1 Apr, 2020