MySQL on Arch Linux

How to install MariaDB(MySQL), create and modifu user, database etc on Arch Linux and other distributions

3 Mins #mysql #sql #relational 17 Feb, 2021

TypeScript Webpack Setup (with CSS Modules)

A minimal set-up for TypeScript with Webpack as Module Bundler.

6 Mins 31 Jan, 2021

Generator Functions in JavaScript (with real-world examples)

Before I start writing anything, here’s a discloser: I knew about generator functions since a long time, but did not really had a chance to use …

3 Mins 12 Nov, 2020

Session Management in Vim

If you ask me about the most underrated feature in Vim, my answer would be ‘Session Management’ straightaway! Just like any other …

5 Mins #vim #neovim #editor 26 Oct, 2020

NeoMutt: the Command Line Email Client

Mutt is a command-line email client which can connect to IMAP/POP3 and SMTP protocols as well as read emails from local directories. So, how do I …

6 Mins #mutt #email 20 Oct, 2020

Using Github Profile Readme as 'Twitter-like' Feed

I had this weird idea of using GitHub profile README as Twitter-like(well, Mastodon TBH) feed! There was no specific reason for doing so. I roughly …

3 Mins #github #mastodon 20 Aug, 2020

Terminating DOM Operations at will: 'AbortController' in JavaScript

Intro AbortController is an interface which provides a way for terminating one or more web request as and when desired. This generally means that a …

3 Mins #js #javascript #dom 26 Jul, 2020

Finding Duplicate Files in Linux - The Hard Way

Creating a simple duplicate file finder with an algorithmic approach using GNU Bash. This post is focused on how coding something by keeping …

5 Mins #algorithms #bash 11 Jul, 2020